Monday, November 7, 2011

I Shot an AR 15!

I am not what you might consider a gun person or for that matter an outdoorsy person either.  But where I live it seems like everyone has a gun.  At least the people I know.  And it is highly recommended to have one.

Yesterday, me and my two older sons went with some friends to the outdoor gun range in 35 degree weather to experience the different weapons.  You know, get a feel for them.  I mention the temperature because my finger's were extremely stiff from the cold and it was a little embarrassing when using the rifle. 

Here are the guns I tried out: I started out with the hand guns.  I liken them to Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear because of there size.  I believe it was the Mama Bear size I liked best which was a Glock 22 I think.  The weight was mid range, it was easy to fire and I hit the target.  I kind of hit the target.

Your probably wondering "why would you want a gun?".  For me personally I want to have a gun so that I can go on a hike with out worrying to much about bears.  And I want to learn to be self sufficient.  Meaning that I want to go hunting.  I have many friends who hunt and use the meat all year.  Same with those fisherman out here in Alaska.  That is also something I want to do, fish.

The fun gun that I don't foresee ever needing to use is the automatic riffle.  It was a breeze.  Heavy but not to heavy that I couldn't hold it easily.  Easy to shoot.  I was a little concerned that the bullets would just fly all over the place.  Good news.  They don't. I enjoyed shooting that gun.

The one gun that I really wanted to try was the revolver but we had the wrong bullets.  That is the one I think  I would buy first.  My friend said that I could use it to protect myself and hunt small game.  Good for hikes and if your small plane crash's you have a good survival tool.

Feel free to comment about the weapons.  Which is your favorite for bear hunting?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Brimming with Candy

You know that kids are so adaptable.  Especially when it comes to obtaining handful's of candy.  See, in Juneau it rains and it rains.  Sometimes it has been snowing and raining enough that on Halloween you can ice skate to each house.  This does not stop the kids even though the temperature's are in the 30's.

As my usual I put on my long quilted coat, my Bogs with wool socks, warm scarf, and my trusty gloves.  My son however was concerned that his coat would cover up his costume.  We explained that his glow in the dark skeleton costume would be visible as long as he kept it open.  He had to wear his sneakers instead of rain boots because they are black and match.  Out we went into the dark rainy night.

We started our walk down the street to the "hot" candy district.  This is the street that almost every neighbor participates.  The streets were pretty quite.  The first house gave a huge handful of candy.  My husband and I were happy.  More to share of course.  Turning the corner on the next street there were kids and cars abound.  Looking at the cars and realizing that parents were driving the kids down the streets made us feel a little dumb.  Oh yea, and a umbrella, of course.  Can you believe we didn't bring one?  So now we felt really dumb.

My sons little plastic pumpkin was filling up.  That was exciting because I thought that meant meant we could go home.  However, Daddy continued to say "how about that house?" and "that one there".  I think he was more into candy then my son was.  Yet we continued the door to door chant TRICK OR TREAT!

Finally my son was wet and cold enough to retreat to the warmth of our home.  His plastic pumpkin was filled to the rim.  We were all very content at the amount of candy contained.  Like a bunch of hungry sugar fiends we ran into the house, turned on the TV and watched my son pour his candy out onto the floor.  I eyed some of my favorites.  My sons was so good about sharing his candy.  He even saved some for the next day.  I love that boy.   

I hope you all enjoyed the benefits of walking door to door for candy with your kids because we sure did.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Panning for Gold


Yesterday, Sunday, was a great day in Juneau.  A rare sunny afternoon when everyone drops what they are doing to go outside and play.  We went panning for gold.
One of the purposes of this blog are to encourage me to get out of the house and experience Juneau.  So just like everyone else I went outside to play.  We all jumped in the car and drove up to the Perseverance Trail.  We weren’t the only people with this idea because the mountain road looked like a city street.  Cars all lined up. 
My husband had as stroll down to Gold Creek.
104_8592We ran across the rail cars that moved  the men around the mines.  Not far from there is where we started panning.
It is great when your kids can teach you what they know.  My sons taught me how to pan.  How to swish.  All about the white sand and the black sand.  More then I ever was curious about.

I bet your wondering if we found gold. We did.  My husband said that they are gold flakes.  I said that after a year we should have a whole once.  You know that wouldn’t be too bad.  Gold prices are pretty good right now.
It was another fun family afternoon.  This is something I think I could get into.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Dedicated Boy Scouts

Once upon a time there was a dedicated Boy Scout Troop who had some young members that needed to move up in rank.  The soon to be Eagle Scouts decided that they would join these Boy Scouts and work side by side to encourage the younger members of Troop 247.

On this rainy gray July day in Juneau they all met at Rotary Park to run the mile and complete other various physical challenges.
Sit-ups on cold wet asphalt

Running the mile

How many push-ups?

I can't say admire these young men but I sure am proud of them.  How much will they push themselves in the next couple of weeks?  I just hope it's not raining : \

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Parade

This was the first time we ventured to the downtown parade in Juneau.  We used to live on Douglas Island and would watch the Douglas parade and then head over to Saviko Park for the "after the parade" fun. Now that we live in the valley things are a little different.

Having lived in larger communities I had expected tons of people fighting for the best spot to see the parade.  Not so here which made me very happy.  We arrived at 8am to drop off my son (he was in the parade).  I was going to set up our chairs then when I saw that the streets were empty.  There were a few folks that were setting up for 4th of July family parties but other then that it was quite.

Juneau's Civil Air Patrol Honor Guard ~ From Left Airman First Class Peterson (my son)

Incredible Vintage Car

Gov. Parnell and his wife, Sandy
It was great.  We set up our seats at 9ish but we really didn't need to get out there until 10am to get the best seats.  These were the best seats that I have ever had, anywhere. One of the highlights for the kids is the endless candy that get thrown to them. All the kids come with bags in hand.

As much as I love the sweets the fact that it didn't rain and the sun peaked out from the gray made my day!  The weather was cool, about 50's-60's.  All in all, it was an enjoyable afternoon.  Next year we will head over to the island and watch the soap box derby.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fun at the Beach!

Spring  at Auke Village 
This weekend we and a couple families from our homeschool program enjoyed low tide at Auke Village or lovingly know as Auke Rec.

Days with low tides are enjoyed by both kids and parents.  Everyone picks up a bucket, rubber boots, and a shovel. It's great when the kids get there.  they come running down the path with buckets all excited about the morning.  We get a fire started, put the goodies on the picnic table and get dragged down to the water for the hunt.

I just noticed how well my little boy has adjusted to the chilly weather.  He is wearing a t-shirt and it must have been in the 50's with a drizzle.  I wore a jacket.

The beach was covered with muscles and seaweed.  Every time I would take a step I felt like I was destroying a muscles life.  It was unavoidable.

Muscles on the beach.
There were so many interesting creatures to see both on the beach and in the waters.  There were porpoises fishing for something probably a school of fish (duh).  Did you know that hermit crabs are very alien looking?  I had no idea that the end that is in the shell was the way it was.  I'm not even sure how to describe it.  

The "Alien" hermit crab without his shell

See how it resembles a snail shell but it's soft and wormy looking.  Weird.  

It was a great beach day, great company, great fire, and those pesky crows.  That's another posting.
When was the last time you were at the beach?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Metal Festival (is that what they call music?)

Last night was fantastic!  Our young family friend is a dynamic man.  I first met him when he was stage managing Mikado. I remember him making an impression on me because he here was a high school student working with and managing an adult production.

Now here he is producing, probably Juneau's first, Metal Festival. And it rocked!  That says alot for someone who has never, even when I was young(er), liked metal.  There had to have been from 50 to 70 young people there along with several overseeing parents. 

Hopefully in the next few days I'll have photos to post because my son was the videoographer.  We will surly miss our friend when he heads out to my home, California, to go to Camp Pendleton for Marine boot camp.  Serving our country.

Watch out California because here he comes!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Favorite Coffee Stops

Well, we thought today was going to be a rainy day but the sun managed to sneak out.  I love to see the sun here in Juneau.  When the sun shines it makes you want to get out of the house even if it's to run errands.

Of course, you need a cup of coffee to get you out of those rainy day moods and bring in the sunshine.  I actually needed two cups of coffee.  I started at Vintage Fare in the Nugget Mall.  They always have a experimental coffee drink. I think todays was called Banana Split.  I didn't try it.  I bought my usual soy latte with sugar free caramel.  It sounds like I'm on a diet.  Nope. Just getting older.

Then later in the day it was time to stop and get another cup of coffee.  This time I went to Thibbs drive-thru.  They are on Vanguard.  They always ask me how I want my drink.  And I always have great conversations there.  Very brief but always good.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Heat My House!

I haven't posted in a long while.  Partially because I have been so frustrated with heating the house we are renting.  Can you imagine paying $700 to pay for home heating?  Some people are paying even more.  That's is outrageous to me.  When I lived in the Florida Keys I paid less to keep cold.

Of course it is due to the rising costs of oil.  Right now a gallon of gas is $4.14 at the local Fred Meyers.  I know that gas is at $4.25 in Lake Forest, California.  Crazy!  

The break down was $400 for electric and $465 for oil last month.  We are applying for heating assistance through the State of Alaska.  The deadline ended in April.  The other option is a program called RurAL CAP.  They will come to your home and evaluate it's energy efficiency.  Depending on many variables they can help you weatherize your home.

We started thinking the best option for us was to relocate ourselves.  That is a whole other story.


State of Alaska Heating Assistance

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gotta be tough, Xtratuf!

Before I moved to Alaska I had lived in Oahu, Hawaii and had given up all my winter shoes including any type of snow boot.  Our families intention was never to leave the islands.  The warm islands.  Then we ended up in this chilly, wet island of sorts.  I had no idea what I should wear on my feet so I came with sandals, and tennis shoes.  Needless to say, one of my first shopping missions was to buy shoes.

Not knowing were to go, my first stop was this place called Fred Meyers.  It is like a Super Wal-Mart but with name brand clothing like Sketchers and Columbia.  I searched the shelves of shoes and really didn't see anything I thought would work.  Primarily because in September, when we moved here, it isn't snowing.  It's raining.  And when It's sunny it is wet.  My tennis shoes worked out for awhile but the rain was starting to get to me because every walk we went on meant a gaggle of children with soaked shoes and me.  That's when I started asking "What kind of shoes do people wear here?"  The answer: Xtratuf®

What are these boots called Xtratuf®? Just the most popular boot in Alaska.  Everyone wears them.  Little kids, moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas, everyone.  These are rubber boots.  Not boots lined with with warm sheepskin.  Just a rubber boots.  In fact they are so popular that  Governor Parnell's and Lt. Governor Treadwell welcoming inauguration is called "Tuxes to Xtratufs".  That's one popular boot.

So, why aren't we wearing sheepskin boots?  Because it rains.  It rains a lot. Now, that's not to say you won't see other boots running around but Xtratufs are the house staple.  Very much like a loaf of a bread.