Monday, August 8, 2011

Panning for Gold


Yesterday, Sunday, was a great day in Juneau.  A rare sunny afternoon when everyone drops what they are doing to go outside and play.  We went panning for gold.
One of the purposes of this blog are to encourage me to get out of the house and experience Juneau.  So just like everyone else I went outside to play.  We all jumped in the car and drove up to the Perseverance Trail.  We weren’t the only people with this idea because the mountain road looked like a city street.  Cars all lined up. 
My husband had as stroll down to Gold Creek.
104_8592We ran across the rail cars that moved  the men around the mines.  Not far from there is where we started panning.
It is great when your kids can teach you what they know.  My sons taught me how to pan.  How to swish.  All about the white sand and the black sand.  More then I ever was curious about.

I bet your wondering if we found gold. We did.  My husband said that they are gold flakes.  I said that after a year we should have a whole once.  You know that wouldn’t be too bad.  Gold prices are pretty good right now.
It was another fun family afternoon.  This is something I think I could get into.

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