Thursday, September 18, 2008

Morning Moonlight

Awaking, bright and early as usual, I could see from my kitchen window the moon light in the sky. For most that is nothing that could cause any sort of excitement. But for me and my family living in Juneau, Alaska, being able to see the moon lighting the sky is pretty special.

The clouds stretch across the morning sky revealing that rare light. For us it is a possible sign of a sunny day. And that is exciting.

I have heard that the last three summers have been rare in the amount of rain that has fallen. This summer the sun brightened our lives only a few days. I can count the days on one hand. This season it is hard to muddle through these gray days. Even the trees are turning.

By noon are wood deck was drying with only the corners appearing wet. I was able to enjoy walking to my mail box without a rain jacket and in sandals. It was around 50 to 60 degrees and it felt warm! Crazy, I know.

All in all, when the clouds float away and the mountains are visible it is a sight to see. All the rain and the clouds are okay ~ well, kind of.