Thursday, November 3, 2011

Brimming with Candy

You know that kids are so adaptable.  Especially when it comes to obtaining handful's of candy.  See, in Juneau it rains and it rains.  Sometimes it has been snowing and raining enough that on Halloween you can ice skate to each house.  This does not stop the kids even though the temperature's are in the 30's.

As my usual I put on my long quilted coat, my Bogs with wool socks, warm scarf, and my trusty gloves.  My son however was concerned that his coat would cover up his costume.  We explained that his glow in the dark skeleton costume would be visible as long as he kept it open.  He had to wear his sneakers instead of rain boots because they are black and match.  Out we went into the dark rainy night.

We started our walk down the street to the "hot" candy district.  This is the street that almost every neighbor participates.  The streets were pretty quite.  The first house gave a huge handful of candy.  My husband and I were happy.  More to share of course.  Turning the corner on the next street there were kids and cars abound.  Looking at the cars and realizing that parents were driving the kids down the streets made us feel a little dumb.  Oh yea, and a umbrella, of course.  Can you believe we didn't bring one?  So now we felt really dumb.

My sons little plastic pumpkin was filling up.  That was exciting because I thought that meant meant we could go home.  However, Daddy continued to say "how about that house?" and "that one there".  I think he was more into candy then my son was.  Yet we continued the door to door chant TRICK OR TREAT!

Finally my son was wet and cold enough to retreat to the warmth of our home.  His plastic pumpkin was filled to the rim.  We were all very content at the amount of candy contained.  Like a bunch of hungry sugar fiends we ran into the house, turned on the TV and watched my son pour his candy out onto the floor.  I eyed some of my favorites.  My sons was so good about sharing his candy.  He even saved some for the next day.  I love that boy.   

I hope you all enjoyed the benefits of walking door to door for candy with your kids because we sure did.

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