Monday, November 7, 2011

I Shot an AR 15!

I am not what you might consider a gun person or for that matter an outdoorsy person either.  But where I live it seems like everyone has a gun.  At least the people I know.  And it is highly recommended to have one.

Yesterday, me and my two older sons went with some friends to the outdoor gun range in 35 degree weather to experience the different weapons.  You know, get a feel for them.  I mention the temperature because my finger's were extremely stiff from the cold and it was a little embarrassing when using the rifle. 

Here are the guns I tried out: I started out with the hand guns.  I liken them to Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear because of there size.  I believe it was the Mama Bear size I liked best which was a Glock 22 I think.  The weight was mid range, it was easy to fire and I hit the target.  I kind of hit the target.

Your probably wondering "why would you want a gun?".  For me personally I want to have a gun so that I can go on a hike with out worrying to much about bears.  And I want to learn to be self sufficient.  Meaning that I want to go hunting.  I have many friends who hunt and use the meat all year.  Same with those fisherman out here in Alaska.  That is also something I want to do, fish.

The fun gun that I don't foresee ever needing to use is the automatic riffle.  It was a breeze.  Heavy but not to heavy that I couldn't hold it easily.  Easy to shoot.  I was a little concerned that the bullets would just fly all over the place.  Good news.  They don't. I enjoyed shooting that gun.

The one gun that I really wanted to try was the revolver but we had the wrong bullets.  That is the one I think  I would buy first.  My friend said that I could use it to protect myself and hunt small game.  Good for hikes and if your small plane crash's you have a good survival tool.

Feel free to comment about the weapons.  Which is your favorite for bear hunting?

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