Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Parade

This was the first time we ventured to the downtown parade in Juneau.  We used to live on Douglas Island and would watch the Douglas parade and then head over to Saviko Park for the "after the parade" fun. Now that we live in the valley things are a little different.

Having lived in larger communities I had expected tons of people fighting for the best spot to see the parade.  Not so here which made me very happy.  We arrived at 8am to drop off my son (he was in the parade).  I was going to set up our chairs then when I saw that the streets were empty.  There were a few folks that were setting up for 4th of July family parties but other then that it was quite.

Juneau's Civil Air Patrol Honor Guard ~ From Left Airman First Class Peterson (my son)

Incredible Vintage Car

Gov. Parnell and his wife, Sandy
It was great.  We set up our seats at 9ish but we really didn't need to get out there until 10am to get the best seats.  These were the best seats that I have ever had, anywhere. One of the highlights for the kids is the endless candy that get thrown to them. All the kids come with bags in hand.

As much as I love the sweets the fact that it didn't rain and the sun peaked out from the gray made my day!  The weather was cool, about 50's-60's.  All in all, it was an enjoyable afternoon.  Next year we will head over to the island and watch the soap box derby.

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