Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fun at the Beach!

Spring  at Auke Village 
This weekend we and a couple families from our homeschool program enjoyed low tide at Auke Village or lovingly know as Auke Rec.

Days with low tides are enjoyed by both kids and parents.  Everyone picks up a bucket, rubber boots, and a shovel. It's great when the kids get there.  they come running down the path with buckets all excited about the morning.  We get a fire started, put the goodies on the picnic table and get dragged down to the water for the hunt.

I just noticed how well my little boy has adjusted to the chilly weather.  He is wearing a t-shirt and it must have been in the 50's with a drizzle.  I wore a jacket.

The beach was covered with muscles and seaweed.  Every time I would take a step I felt like I was destroying a muscles life.  It was unavoidable.

Muscles on the beach.
There were so many interesting creatures to see both on the beach and in the waters.  There were porpoises fishing for something probably a school of fish (duh).  Did you know that hermit crabs are very alien looking?  I had no idea that the end that is in the shell was the way it was.  I'm not even sure how to describe it.  

The "Alien" hermit crab without his shell

See how it resembles a snail shell but it's soft and wormy looking.  Weird.  

It was a great beach day, great company, great fire, and those pesky crows.  That's another posting.
When was the last time you were at the beach?

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