Sunday, May 1, 2011

Heat My House!

I haven't posted in a long while.  Partially because I have been so frustrated with heating the house we are renting.  Can you imagine paying $700 to pay for home heating?  Some people are paying even more.  That's is outrageous to me.  When I lived in the Florida Keys I paid less to keep cold.

Of course it is due to the rising costs of oil.  Right now a gallon of gas is $4.14 at the local Fred Meyers.  I know that gas is at $4.25 in Lake Forest, California.  Crazy!  

The break down was $400 for electric and $465 for oil last month.  We are applying for heating assistance through the State of Alaska.  The deadline ended in April.  The other option is a program called RurAL CAP.  They will come to your home and evaluate it's energy efficiency.  Depending on many variables they can help you weatherize your home.

We started thinking the best option for us was to relocate ourselves.  That is a whole other story.


State of Alaska Heating Assistance

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